Jamison Strahan protein at WAM.UMD.EDU
Mon Aug 19 10:09:20 EST 1996

Dear Anybody:

I am working on a team who is beginning to embark on biochemical research aimed at controlling 
nematodes as plant pests.  We have recently become aware of an important role of proteasomes in 
a cascade leading to muscle cell apoptosis.  Therefore, we may be formulating a project 
connecting nematodes and proteasomes.  Unfortunately, our team is not well versed on 
neither nematode nor proteasome physiology.  Furthermore, we are not proficient in using the 
internet as a viable resource for obtaining references. If anyone has any knowledge of projects 
relating to the aforementioned or advise for downloading references from libraries across the 
world via the internet, please contact me by email: protein at  Thank you. 

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