micro-injection apparatus

Tritech Research Tritech_Research at lamg.com
Fri Aug 23 18:12:08 EST 1996

We are finally considering advanced technology for injection after many
years of injecting worms with a micromanipulator-held needle supplied by a
large syringe for pressure.

Question:  What is the recommended current technology that other worm labs
are using?

Peg MacMorris
Biology Dept./Jordan Hall
Indiana University 
Dear Peg (and other interested parties),
I think at this point the majority of worm labs are using
our microINJECTOR System.  It is an electronic foot-pedal
controlled system.  It's easy to use, robust, and designed
specifically for worm injection.  At $425, it costs about one-tenth
as much as some competing systems.  We also have an optional
pulse-length control module for $75 and a solid brass straight-arm
needle holder for $50.  To this, we recently added a
micromanipulator for around $1000.  If you, or anyone
needs more details, or our catalog with all this stuff in it,
please e-mail, and we'll reply promptly.

Andy Papp

P.S.: The catalog has a new insert featuring our new
PourBoy II media dispenser, w/ autoclavable, electronic
micro-pump, ideal for pouring worm plates, and only $450.

Sorry - this is getting pretty spammy...  but, we do make this
stuff specifically to save worm labs time and money, and keep
our prices low by not mass-mailing out unsolicited catalogs.
Back to the side lines... AP

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