ACEDB data updates for C.elegans

Norio Suzuki nosuzuki at LABRECG-2.LAB.NIG.AC.JP
Tue Dec 3 16:55:57 EST 1996

acedb can't find update file for WS1.4-21 because the installed update
file name in rawdata directory is update.W1.4-21 instead of
update.WS1.4-21. I found this problem in WS1.4-21 to WS1.4-25.

You can install, I hope, by changing that file name to correct one. A
tiny csh script to correct file names is ...

cd rawdata
foreach i (1 2 3 4 5)
mv update.W1.4-2$i update.WS1.4-2$i

I'm not sure this is right way to install these updates because I am
updating process NOW.
Norio Suzuki
The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
School of Life Science, Department of Genetics
(National Institute of Genetics)
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