Glitch in the NCBI ACEDB updates (Was: ACEDB data updates for C.elegans)

Erich Schwarz schwarz at
Thu Dec 5 04:23:05 EST 1996

rd at wrote:

> ACEDB data updates WG1.4-7 and WS1.4-21 to 4-26 for C. elegans .........
> ==============================================================

> All the files are available in the following public access accounts
> (anonymous ftp sites) accessible over internet:
> ( in the USA, in repository/acedb
> ( in England, in pub/acedb
> ( in France, in directory genome/acedb

    Almost true, but not quite.  The NCBI repository/acedb/celegans
doesn't have the file "update.WS1.4-25.tar.Z".  I found this out
after noticing that ACEDB was strangely stopping at "4-24" even
though I thought it was supposed to go up to 4-26 ... then I
went back and found this glitch.

    The site has the 4-25 file, fortunately, but
if this can be fixed it would be good.

    Thanks for due consideration,

--Erich Schwarz

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