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Tue Dec 10 12:29:16 EST 1996

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  OFFICE MEMO          Computer Equipment Summary             Date:12/10/96

I wanted to give a wrap up of some of the replies I got throught the net and

Slidewriters:  Not many people had anything good to say about them.  The one
located in my department was out for repair the entire time I was researching
equipment which also left me dubious.  Since we have a computer center that will
make slides from images on disk we elected not to purchase a slidewriter for our

Flatbed Scanners:  I got multiple good reviews from users for UMAX equipment. 
One person suggested looking at Epson scanners and another person swore by the
Microtek Scanmaker III.  After price comparisons we chose to go with a UMAX
scanner and Transparency adaptor.  When we get it up and going in the lab I'll
send another message and let everyone know how it works for us!

Slide scanners: (Since the flatbed we purchased can scan in slides we did not
elect to buy a separate slide scanner.)  The Nikon "Coolscan" and the Polaroid
slide scanner both were recommended highly by many users.  The polaroid scanner
is a bit cheaper from some warehouses but they seem fairly equivalent.  

(Stern Lab)

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