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Wed Dec 11 11:20:51 EST 1996

Richard Gordon writes:

"We would like to write a 4D database/simulation to be called Cyberworm. As
a database, it would contain and accumulate coordinates, cytoskeletal
arrangements, cell division times, gene expression and other data for each
cell in the developing nematode."


Nice to see you're interested in C. elegans (I remember your work with
Antone Jacobson, from when I was a grad student in Ray Keller's lab). As a
fairly recent convert to worms, I think it's a good move! One group you
should certainly interact with closely is John White's (maybe mine, too) at
the Univ. of Wisconsin, since I know they ultimately had a goal of
generating 4d info on C.e. for use in education and research as an
international resource, based on the digital software under development at
the Integrated Micrscopy Resource. It seems really counterproductive to
have multiple efforts of this sort going on without coordination of
efforts. I strongly urge close coordination of such efforts across the C.
e. community. This would avoid some of the (not necessarily unfriendly)
competition of technologies that we saw for a time with the databases
(i.e., Acedb vs. WCS, which was obviated by the World Wide Web).

Having said this, I think that this sort of a project is, in theory, a nice



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