WBG abstracts

Leon Avery leon at EATWORMS.SWMED.EDU
Mon Jan 8 08:39:11 EST 1996

This is to remind everyone to submit WBG abstracts electronically if
at all possible.  You can submit either by WWW (go to the UTSW C
elegans server, http://eatworms.swmed.edu/ , then click "Submit an
Abstract to the Worm Breeder's Gazette" and follow the instructions
that appear) or by e-mail (instructions on the inside front cover of
the last WBG, 14(1)).

This time there is a new feature: abstracts may be submitted in HTML.
HTML abstracts can be formatted, and can have figures.  HTML
submission is done through the WWW at the same page as plain text
submission.  There is a FAQ at
http://eatworms.swmed.edu/htbin/wbg-submit/html.html .  This service
is still experimental and a bit clunky.  With testing by you folks and
some advances in browser and HTML preparation software, I hope to make
it more painless in the future.

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