Tom Evans Tom.Evans at UCHSC.EDU
Thu Jan 11 12:42:03 EST 1996

   I'm looking to buy another worm incubator.  For people that have had them
for a few years: What are your favorite incubators?  More importantly, are
there any lemons out there that I should avoid?  Obvious considerations are
how well they hold temperature and durability.  But also, I am interested in
decent temperature uniformity within the chamber;  I have had problems in the
past with temperature differences of 1 degree or so from top to bottom and
front to back (it was a Forma I think).  This can be a problem when working
with finicky ts mutants.  Any suggestions?
Thanks for any help, and I will post a summary of the responses.

Tom Evans
Dept. of Cell. and Stuctural Biol.
U. of Colo. Health Sci. Cntr.
Denver, CO 80262

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