kimlab at cmgm.stanford.edu kimlab at cmgm.stanford.edu
Wed Jul 10 12:17:42 EST 1996

Hi all,

		We're having a problem with the newest Macace release
and I don't know if we're making some stupid mistake.  I 
have downloaded MacAce WS1 4-8 from the Sanger site by both 
Netscape and Fetch, and when it is opened it does not have 
cosmid sequence information in it.  Now I'm definately 
getting the version that is supposed to have sequences (WS 
not WG, the larger one in size), but we can't access the 
sequences from inside it once it is unstuffed.  Anyone else 
having this problem or are we doing something wrong?


Dave Eisenmann
Kim lab
eisenman at cmgm.stanford.edu

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