Some errors in C. elegans cosmid sequences

Keith Bradnam pdxkrb at
Thu Jul 18 09:41:38 EST 1996

I've recently spotted some sequencing errors in a few
C. elegans sequences.  These errors all occur in overlap
regions between pairs of adjacent cosmids.
I've notified The Sanger Centre, and corrections should
appear in the next release of GenBank,
but should anyone want to know what sequences these are,
I'd thought I'd list them here, just in case anyone is
working with them.

The following are pairs of overlapping cosmids that
have some errors in the overlap region (i.e. the tail
end of one sequence is not likely to match up 
perfectly with the head region of the adjacent cosmid).

1) CELC07A12 & CELC05E11
2) CELC06A8 & CET05A6
3) CELF46B7 & CELF45E1
4) CELK06A1 & CELT28D9
5) CELZK546 & CELY38A8
6) CELB0495 & CELB0228

Keith B.

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