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Sun Jul 21 17:23:23 EST 1996

Postdoctoral position available

	A postdoctoral position is available in my lab at Brandeis University.  We 
are using molecular and genetic tools to examine the development and 
function of chemosensory neurons in C. elegans.  We have identified a gene 
odr-7,  that is required for the sensory specification of a single type of 
olfactory neuron in the worm.  We have also identified an olfactory receptor 
required for the response to a single odorant (see Cell 79, pp 971-980 and 
Cell 84, pp 899-909).  
	Current research projects include:
1)  Identification of genes interacting with odr-7, using both genetic and 
biochemical approaches.
2)  Characterization of odr-7 function by defining targets of regulation.
3)  Identification of additional odr-7-like genes and investigation of their 
4)  Isolation and characterization of genes required for the sensory 
specification of other chemosensory neurons in the worm. 

	The Department of Biology (including programs in Molecular and Cell 
Biology and Neuroscience) is friendly and interactive.  We participate 
extensively in Departmental journal clubs and seminar series.  The lab also 
maintains interactions with other C. elegans researchers in the greater Boston 
area.  Brandeis is located approximately 10 miles west of Cambridge and 

	This position is available immediately.  Funding from an NIH training grant 
is guaranteed for at least one year.  Please contact:

Piali Sengupta
Department of Biology
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02254

Phone:	617-736-2686
Fax:		 617-736-3107
e-mail:  	piali at

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