cellular reporters

Wayne Forrester forrestr at mendel.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 31 10:57:36 EST 1996


    I am working on mutations in the C. elegans homeobox gene ceh-10, that
appears to eliminate several cells. I would like to determine whether
sister cells to those effected are present, and the easiest way to do this
would be to use either GFP or lacZ reporters expressed in those cells, or
by antibody staining to some factor expressed there. My question is,
therefore, does anyone have any marker expressed in SMDDL/R, URxL/R,
CEPsoDL, or OLLsoL/R. Any markers, staining techniques or any other method
of identifying any of these cells would be immensely helpful.

Thanks very much, 
Wayne Forrester (Garriga lab)
forrestr at mendel.berkeley.edu

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