Sanyo Gallenkamp microfuge

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Fri Feb 7 23:11:20 EST 1997

Has anyone had any experience with Sanyo Gallenkamp microfuges?  They
a very nice looking unit at a very competitive price but Ive only used
Eppendorfs. It also will need to withstand being run in a  4 degree room.
I hestitate to be the first in our department to buy one. Thanks for any
comments,they will be appreciated.
Claire Kari
I have never even heard of it, but see if they are willing to give you
a good (or even extra special good) warranty for being a guinea pig,
(and a money back guarantee for some period).  If so, be brave and
give it a try.  We give our customers that kind of thing, and also expect
it from our vendors.  It is very difficult for small companies and new
products to get established because of peoples' bias toward the tried
and true.  If the vendor really has confidence in their product, they
may be willing to stand behind it, especially if you ask them to.

Andy Papp
tritech_research at

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