Oxygen requirement of C.elegans?

AL R. PLUMMER aplummer at brain.UCCS.edu
Wed Feb 26 10:52:40 EST 1997

A colleague of mine has cloned a gene from yeast which has
high sequence similaarity to a gene in C. elegans.  In yeast,
the disruption of this gene results in a loss of growth on 
non-fermentable carbon sources due to respiratory deficiency.
In C. elegans, when this gene is mutated, it causes various 
other defects, including an increase in logevity.  We would
like to know if C.elegans must repire or can it live anerobicaly?

Any responses can be directed to my German e-mail address:

plummer at em.uni-frankfurt.de

Thanks and sorry for my ignorance concerning C. elegans.


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