microprobe wafers?

Mike Palopoli palo at MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU
Wed Jan 22 18:32:23 EST 1997

Dear C. elegans researchers,

I am interested in obtaining one of the microprobe silicon wafers that was
used to transform nematodes in the Biotechniques publication Hashmi et al.
(1995; vol. 19, pp. 766-770).  I contacted the first author of that
publlication but he has already given away all of his microprobes to
researchers that requested them, and it does not look like they are
available yet commercially.  Does anyone out there have one of these
microprobes and would be willing to let me borrow it to try it out?  If it
works in my hands, I could make a good case for spending the money to have
something like it manufactured.  Alternatively, does anyone have any
ideas/suggestions for alternative substrates that would micropierce organic
tissue with minimal damage?

Best regards,



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