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ARS is seeking an interdisciplinary Research Molecular Biologist/Research
Plant Pathologist/Zoologist, GS-401/434/ 410-11/12 in the Nematology
Laboratory, Plant Sciences Institute, Beltsville Agricultural Research
Center. Salary is commensurate with experience (GS-11: $38,330-$49,831 per
annum; GS-12: $45,939-$59,725 per annum). The position involves planning and
conducting independent and cooperative research primarily on the molecular
biology and molecular genetics of plant-parasitic nematodes and
host-parasite relationships. In addition to the basic educational
requirements, applicants must demonstrate 1) knowledge of the principles,
methods, techniques and procedures of molecular biology, and of plant
pathology, genetics, plant nematology, or parasitology; 2) ability to use
molecular techniques (including gene cloning, DNA sequencing, etc.) in
research involving plant-parasitic nematode biology or nematode interactions
with host plants; 3) knowledge of plant-parasitic nematodes and their
relationship to plant diseases; and 4) ability to design, plan, and conduct
research and publish results. For information on the research program and/or
position, contact Dr. David J. Chitwood, 301-504-5660. For information on
application procedures/forms, please call Veronica Olaaje for a copy of the
announcement on 301-344-l014. Applications in response to this advertisement
should be marked ARS-D7B-049/B-7-03.   The U.S. Department of Agriculture is
an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Full applications must be postmarked by
February 24.

Greater details about application procedures can be found on the USDA ARS
Web Site at:


David J. Chitwood
Research Leader
Nematology Laboratory, USDA
Building 011A, Room 165B, BARC-West
Beltsville, Maryland 20705 USA
Fax:  301-504-5589
Internet: dchitwoo at asrr.arsusda.gov

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