willemien wieland Willemien.Wieland at BIOLOGIE.EL.WAU.NL
Tue Jan 28 04:52:05 EST 1997


I am a student at the Wageningen Agricultural University (the Netherlands) 
and I am now working at the Department of Toxicology. 

We are trying to get to know more about the long-term effects of PCB's.
C. elegans turned out to be a very useful test-organism. 

Now I am searching for anybody who did some research about the fysiology and 
ecology of this organism.
I am especially interested in the role that retinoides play in this nematode.

Please send information to this E-mail adress or to 
"Willemien Wieland at student@tox.wau" or to: 
				Department of Toxicology
				Tuinlaan 5
				6703 HE Wageningen 8000
				6700 EA Wageningen
				The Netherlands
				Tel. 31 (0) 317-482137
				Fax. 31 (0) 8370-84931

Thank you! Willemien Wieland

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