Knock out of farnesyltransferase

Dr. Thomas Egwang egwang at
Tue Jul 1 23:47:16 EST 1997

Dear colleagues,

My laboratory is currently characterising the farnesyltransferase (beta- and
alpha-subunits) of filarial nematodes as a possible drug target. One major
problem we face is the validation of any biochemical drug target in
parasitic nematodes. We would like to use C. elegans as a surrogate model in
which to validate farnesyltransferase. In this regard, we are looking for
collaborators in the C. elegans community who might be interested in
colloborating with us in knocking out the homologous gene in C. elegans to
see whether farnesyltransferase is critical for survival in this nematode.
We would be prepared to clone the gene in C. elegans in our laboratory. I
would appreciate hearing from interested C. elegans molecular biologists.

Dr Thomas G. Egwang
Medical Biotechnology Laboratories
P.o. Box 9364
Fax 256-41-268251
e-mail: egwang at

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