usefulness of the genome sequencing

Alain Bernot bernot at
Tue Jun 3 12:24:56 EST 1997

thank you to all people who have responded to my question concerning the
usefulness of C. elegans genome sequencing.

for those who are interested in this theme, I give here the references I got 
(in fact, I thought I get a huge number of references, but I got only 4 : all
these megabases are maybe not so useful ...) :

Cell, Vol. 83, 207-218
Divergent Seven Transmembrane Receptors Are Candidate Chemosensory
Receptors In C. Elegans
E. R. Troemel, J. H. Chou, N. D. Dwyer, H. A. Colbert, and C. I. Bargmann 1

Hart, et. al., Nature 378:82 1995

C. elegans cell survival gene ced-9
encodes a functional homolog of the
mammalian proto-oncogene bcl-2.
Hengartner MO;Horvitz HR
 Cell 76: 665-676  1994

The C. elegans cell death gene ced-3
encodes a protein similar to
mammalian interleukin-1B-converting
Yuan J;Shaham S;Ledoux S;Ellis HM;Horvitz HR
 Cell 75: 641-652  1993

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