new dissecting scope survey

David M. Eisenmann eisenman at
Tue Jun 24 12:13:41 EST 1997

Hello all,

	Well with various postings about incubators and needle pullers lately,
perhaps its time to bring up the discussion of dissecting scopes again
as well. I'm sure other people who are starting up new labs or
considering scope purchases like myself would find it very useful to
hear what people have demoed and purchased lately, and if they are happy
with what they got. It appears the last time there was some sort of
aurvey was in the fall of 1994 when Leon Avery posted the following

>price make model recommendations

>$1000 Oriental Scientific SM1 +
>Olympus SZ40/45 +
>Zeiss SV6 +
>$2975 Wild/Leica M3C ++
>$3000 Wild M5A (used)
>$3189 Wild/Leica M3Z ++
>$4878 Wild/Leica M8 ++++
>$5496 Wild/Leica M3ZPlan
>$5500 Wild M5A (1990)
>$5798 Nikon SMZ-U +++
>$12978 Wild/Leica M10

It seems like several of these models may already not exist, for
instance my Leica catalog does not have any M3* model in it. Did this
become the MS-5 or the MZ6 perhaps?

I have had people suggest the following scopes to me:

Orient SM1
Zeiss Stemmi 2000
used Wild M5A
Leica MS-5
Leica MZ-8

If people who have made dissecting scope purchases in the last few years
would like to e-mail me their experiences and recommendations and prices
if they remember, I would appreciate it and would be happy to post the
advice I receive so all can benefit.

Thanks very much,

Dave Eisenmann
eisenman at

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