Junk mails

William R. Morgan wmorgan at ACS.WOOSTER.EDU
Fri Jun 27 09:52:46 EST 1997

Dear CELEGANS subscribers,

In response to my survey about moderating this newsgroup to minimize the
annoying junk e-mail, there was an overwhelmingly favorable response.
Several also volunteered to help moderate (I'll be contacting these folks
in the next week).

As you may recall, one suggestion was that only subscribers whose email
addresses are recorded as subscribers be able to post (or for those not
subscribed, postings be forwarded to a moderator).  I e-mailed the BIOSCI
administration about the feasibility of this proposal last week, but
haven't had a response yet.  In any case, I just e-mailed them again and
indicated that we want to begin moderating this newsgroup as soon as
possible.  I'll post further information as it becomes available and I
apologize for the delay, especially since the volume of junk mail seems to
be increasing lately!

Bill Morgan
CELEGANS discussion leader

William R. Morgan
The College of Wooster
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931 College St.                         FAX:    330-263-2378
Wooster, OH  44691                      E-mail: wmorgan at acs.wooster.edu

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