Susan Mango smango at GENETICS.UTAH.EDU
Tue Mar 4 22:07:20 EST 1997

This is for anyone who purchased or is thinking of purchasing the fiber
optic laser system made by Photonic Instruments. Our system came with
the Chroma dichroic filter CZ909. It turns out that this filter reflects
wavelengths from about 445 to 500nm. Since the laser uses a  coumarin
dye with a wavelength centered around 440nm, we were losing about 30% of
our power. We've just switched to a 505DCXR which reflects everything
under 500nm and now our laser is MUCH more powerful. If you are having
power problems you might want to look into this.

Susan Mango
Department of Oncological Sciences/HCI
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

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