Clean antibodies

Garth Patterson patterson at
Fri Mar 7 07:26:58 EST 1997

It seems to me that your problem should not be specific to goat anti-mouse
or rabbit anti-mouse, if the problem is parasitic infection; that is goat
anti-rabbit, for example would be as likely to give spurious reactivity. 
So I wonder if the problem is likely to be a supplier-specific
problem--some suppliers may have better animal husbandry practices.  Also,
the Miller and Shakes chapter in the Red Worm Book recommends inquiring if
the animals have had worms--I guess if your supplier says "Huh?", you can
go elsewhere...

All that said, I don't know who is good for Goat anti-mouse, but we have
used goat anti-rabbit antibodies from Jackson ImmunoResearch Labs with
good success.

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