Results: Worm Pick or Pipette?

Morris Maduro maduro at
Thu Mar 13 02:32:56 EST 1997

Hello again,

I have received over a dozen replies about recovering worms after
microinjection.  Some of the messages were mistakenly diverted to the wrong
email (for Angela Manning) and have been lost; I would appreciate them
being re-sent to me (maduro at if possible.  I will
continually update the poll as I get more votes.

Summary so far:

     worm pick: 6 votes

     pipette: 5 votes

     wire loop: 1 vote

     human hair: 2 votes

I have posted the results in more detail, with descriptions of the methods,

...for those of you with as much 'time to kill' as I do!


Morris Maduro       maduro at
Dept of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB Canada
T6G 2H3

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