Ablation on Inverted Scope?

Stephen R. Wicks swicks at nki.nl
Fri Mar 14 06:06:14 EST 1997


I am setting up a laser ablation system at a lab I recently joined. I
have been doing cell kills for years, using the LSI-337 laser and a
ZEISS Axioscope (similar to the system described nicely on Leon's Laser
Pages). The new lab I'm in currently does not have an upright scope
suitable for the work. They do have an inverted scope that is used for
injections (ZEISS Axiovert 10). 

I am a little stumped as to whether this scope can be adapted for
ablations. The Local Zeiss rep. is also uncertain. My question is this:
does anyone out there have any experience trying to do ablations with an
inverted scope, or know if it is/is not possible? If it is possible,
where would the beam enter the housing, and what internal lenses would
be required?

If responses or advise are directed to the email address below, I will
summarize them if required for the newsgroup.

Thanks in advance.


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