Postdoctoral positions

Tue Mar 25 14:11:40 EST 1997

I would like to place the following ad. for postdoctoral positions.

My lab has been interested in how viral oncoproteins reprogram cellular
transcription and signaling machinery during oncogenic transformation.  We have
been studying transcription factors YY1 and p300 and how adenovirus E1A
modulates the activity of YY1 via its interactions with p300, a transcriptional
cofactor and a nuclear histone acetylase.

Recently, in collaboration with Craig Mello, we have embarked on a study of the
worm p300 homolog, Ce-p300, during C. elegans embryonic development.  The aim of
this study is to identify the biological functions of Ce-p300 and the molecular
mechanisms that underlie its biology, using genetic as well as biochemical
means.  This approach has already yielded exciting results which are described
in an abstract submitted for this year's worm meeting, and should be avaialble
soon.  I hope to attract candidates who have been trained as worm biologists,
and are interested in using worm as a system to study proteins that are directly
relevant to problems in the mammalian field.  These efforts are expected to
synergize with the existing projects in the lab that deal with various aspects
of regulation of transcriptional and signaling events by viral oncoproteins in
mammalian cells, and vice versa.  If interested, please contact me at the
following address:

Yang Shi,
Associate Professor
Dept. of Pathology
Harvard Medical School
200 Longwood Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 432-4318 (0)
(617) 431-1313 (FAX)
yshi at  

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