Cell size

Hans-B. Jansson "Hans-Borje. Jansson" at mbioekol.lu.se
Thu Mar 27 05:15:57 EST 1997

We are trying to make tissue cultures of nematode (microbivorous and
plant parasites) cells. Is there a known protocol for this? In our
preliminary experiments we find very small (1-2 micrometers) "cells"
which multiply. Can anyone give me a hint what these are (they are not
bacteria and must come from the nematodes). Rarely, we find 4-5
micrometer cells with a distinct nucleus. This is what we expected, but
they are so few! Generally, what is the expected size of "free" nematode

All information valuable.


Hans-Borje Jansson
Department of Microbial Ecology
Lund University
E-mail: hans-borje.jansson at mbioekol.lu.se

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