where to get c. elegans ot its RNA?

ning li ning.li at hsc.utah.edu
Tue Nov 18 21:34:29 EST 1997

Dear collegues:

Our lab is recently working on a human cDNA which shares high homology (
60%)  with a C. elegan gene which is predicted by sequence analysis.
When I search the genbank, i can't find the EST of this gene. I would
like to clone and express it, to find out if it has the same function as
the mammlian  homologue. Could somebody in this group tell me: Is there
a (commercial ) source where  I can get some wild type worms (half gram?
or whatever enough to purify RNA for RT-PCR) or its RNA (mRNA or total

My email address is Ning.Li at hsc.utah.edu, thank you in advance for your

Ning Li
University of Utah

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