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Tue Oct 14 08:26:37 EST 1997

Dear Worm People,
Here is a summary of responses I got to my request for sources of
halocarbon oil
for microinjection.  Basically, people get it from Sigma or Halocarbon
Products Corp.
HOWEVER, the most interesting reply is from Curtis Loer.  He's using heavy
mineral oil
instead of halocarbon oil, and apparently it works fine.  And the mineral
oil is $3.70, as
compared with $50-$84 for comparable amounts of halocarbon oil!  I thought
there was
supposed to be something magical about the halocarbon oil, like that the
worms could
breathe / get oxygen through it (?)  Why are we using it?  Is it just
because the
fly people use it?  And why are they using it?  I would appreciate anyone's
about this.  Some people were suggesting that Tritech try to buy a larger
of halocarbon oil and sell it to the labs cheaper, but if mineral oil
works, we could
pretty much give that away, especially in the box when people get our
It always fascinates me when dogma bites the dust.  Is this the case w/
halocarbon oil?

Andy Papp
tritech_research at LAMG.COM


According to a WWW page on microinjecting worms by Michael Koelle (I don't
have the WWW address handy)  Halocarbon Oil Series 700 (CAS # 9002-83-9) is
available from Halocarbon Products Corporation, PO Box 661, River Edge NJ
07661; Phone: 803-278-3500

Hi Andy--

We got our halocarbon oil from

Halocarbon Products
PO Box 661
River Edge, N.J.  07661
Series 700 halocarbon oil, 1 lb,  (1995 price $84.00)
FOB N. Augusta, S.C.

it works great for us.

Wendy Katz
Andy -

I've always used SIGMA catalog # 400-5, Heavy white mineral oil. Last time
I bought it, $3.70 for 100 ml bottle (nearly a life-time supply).

Curtis M. Loer
Dept. of Biology
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110
cloer at acusd.edu



The halocarbon oil from Sigma is just right for us.  The catalogue number
is H-8898 (Halocarbon oil 700). 

Neville Ashcroft
ABL-Basic Research Program
NCI-FCRF, Frederick, MD 21702

we use halocarbon oil 7000 from Sigma

seems to work fine for us.

take care,
andy golden

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We purchase halocarbon oil, series 700 in 1 lb. bottles from Halocarbon =
Products Corp., 120 Dittman Ct., N. Augusta, SC 29841.  The cost is =

Cathy Branda, Stern Lab, Yale Universitry

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