inject worms w/cheap mineral oil

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Thu Oct 16 13:02:59 EST 1997

Several more people confirm that mineral oil is the
way to go.  So, save money and use it instead.  I want
to start putting a list of money-saving tips like this
into our new website, which is, for the time being, at:
(Yes, I am embarrassed, and yes, AOL sucks)
So, please contribute other tips.  There is a way
to do that from the site, too.  Here is more support for
using the mineral oil instead of halocarbon...

tritech_research at LAMG.COM 
I used halocarbon oil in Boulder and Mineral oil when I moved to SF.  It's
all we use now.

Craig P. Hunter
Hi Andy,
    I've been using light mineral oil from Sigma for
my micro-injections with reasonable results.  I'm not
a great micro-injector, so I can't say that it works
just as well as halocarbon oil or not, but I've been
able to get transgenics with no obvious problems from
the oil.  I'm pretty good at killing worms, though...

John Lye
Andy- Of course, the dechorionated fly eggs are stuck onto doublestick tape
and submerged in the halocarbon oil for 24 during development- we rescue
our adult worms immediately...

Anne C. Hart
Hi ANdy-

We use mineral oil as well. Worms dry out more quickly with mineral oil, but I
prefer it: not as messy to work with. To deal with the drying out problem, I
tend to inject one worm at a time, but have found that I can inject as quickly
as people lining up multiple worms on a slide. And the worms survive better,
seem healthier if I only inject one at a time.
All the best, Susan.
Susan Mango
Hi Andy,

Our lab has always used mineral oil (Sigma) for injections.  I can't
remember off-hand if it is heavy or light (I think heavy).

Paul Muhlrad
So - there you have it....

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