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Thomas Burglin burglin at
Thu Oct 16 15:49:51 EST 1997

>Hi All,
>I'm in the market for a plate-pourer, and having never used one (we were
>spoiled at Stanford) I was wondering what brands/types people would
>recommend or not recommend.  It seems there are several brands out there to
>choose from;
>Tritech PourBoy II
>Sepco machine
>Wheaton Omni-pour
>Cole-Palmer machine (still made)
>Barnant Varistaltic
>Jencons Perimatic
>New Brunswick DP200
>Mandel Scientific machine (recommended by Dave Baillie the last time this
>came up)
>Any advice is greatly appreciated.

we use a Tecnomara (Swiss company) Tecnomat 135.
You put in empty plates in a dispenser (about 30 at a time)
, the plates are moved automatically
and agar is dispensed (with an automatic
pump unit), and the plates come out the other
end. (stacking manually, though they also sell you a stacking


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