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Fri Oct 17 08:59:26 EST 1997

Dear C. elegans Colleagues:  I am searching for antibodies to two types of

1) proteins that are expressed in many somatic cells of larvae and/or adult
worms, but are NOT detectably expressed in the germline

2) proteins that are encoded by genes on the X chromosome and that are
expressed in the germline; they can also be expressed in somatic cells

These antibodies would be very useful to our lab in our analysis of gene
expression in the germlines of mes (for maternal-effect sterile) mutants.
mes mutant mothers produce all sterile progeny - the cause of sterility is
limited proliferation and death (necrosis, not programmed cell death) of
germ cells.  Two of the four mes genes encode members of the Polycomb Group
of transcriptional regulators.  This finding leads us to predict that mes
mutant germlines die as a consequence of defects in gene expression.  We
want to test that prediction by addressing whether mes mutant germlines
show normal turn-on of germline-expressed genes and normal repression of
genes that are not normally expressed in the germline.  Because we observe
that the Mes mutant phenotype is much more severe in XX and XXX animals
than in XO animals, we would also like to assay patterns of X-linked gene
expression in the germline.  Any leads to the type of antibodies described
above would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Susan Strome
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