Cell Death Soc 11/5 meeting

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Subject: Cell Death Soc 11/5 meeting
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Cell Death Society

Wednesday, November 5, 1997
Ute Moll, Stony Brook University
Sequestration of wild type p53 in human tumors

Wen-Chieh Liao, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
The Role of Ceramide Synthetase in Ionizing Radiation-Induced

6:00-6:30 PM Pizza, 6:30-8:00 PM Talks and Discussion
Rockefeller University, 130 York Ave.
Weiss Research Bldg., Room 301

Free parking after 5 PM at 66th St. and York Ave. Please car pool as
parking space is limited.

Important notes:
To help plan for pizza and number of attendees, please call Dr.
Zakeri's lab (718-997-3429) to indicate that you are coming.
If you want to receive information about the Cell Death Society,
please contact Dr. Zakeri's lab to verify your phone, fax, and email
listings. If you have a new email address and did not receive this
message by email, please send it to lockshin at stjohns.edu or register
on this page To join the society, please see announcement.
Richard A. Lockshin
(lockshin at mindspring.com;lockshin at sjumusic.stjohns.edu)
check out Cell Death Soc web page:

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