mating into vulvaless animals

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Wed Oct 29 10:06:41 EST 1997

Thomas Burglin writes:
Hi everyone.
We have a putative knock-out, but the animals look vulvaless
and bag.
We need to backcross this.

What is the current state-of-the art for mating
into vulvaless animals?

I remember people mention poking holes into
the hermaphrodite to allow male mating.
What's the best way to do this?

Also, how about injection sperm directly?
Is this done these days? What protocol to make sperms?

Thanks everyone in advance.
I don't know about state of the art, but I was able to mate a new
lin-29 mutant (100% blip vulva, 0% mating and egg-laying)
after perforating the vulva area by hand under the dissecting scope
using a hand-held microinjection needle.  Do several, and put them
on a plate with lots of N2 males.  I tried artificial insemination, too.
That was worse, because you have to break off the needle to get the
tip big enough to suck up sperm, and then it was too blunt and
did too much damage to the p-vul recipient.

Andy Papp
tritech_research at LAMG.COM
PS: If the intestines explode out, you have overdone it 8 )
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