getting rid of mites

Barbara M. Robertson broberts at STRIPE.COLORADO.EDU
Tue Sep 2 12:44:25 EST 1997

Thomas Burglin,
	Getting rid of mites is not too hard if your incubator can be
heated to at least 50C.  Remove all the worms from the incubator, but you
can leave any boxes in there that might have mites.  Turn off the
refrigeration and humidifier (if you have one) and set the temperature to
50C.  Leave the icubator at that temperature for 24 hours (actually, I
think the mites can't survive that temp. for more than 5 hours, so
overnight may be sufficient).  Check all the plates before they are
returned to the incubator, autoclave any on which you find mites.  Then
you're done.

						Barb Robertson,
						Technician-Bill Wood's Lab

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