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Tue Sep 2 01:01:02 EST 1997

Thomas Burglin,burglin at,Internet writes:
We caught some mites in one of our incubators.
I know there are some mothballs out there,
which can be used to stop the mites, and which
don't harm the worms too much.
One can actually just buy the chemical compound

Anybody knows that that chemical is? I don't
remember it, and can't find it in my records.

Thank you very much in advance.
Thomas Burglin
Yes, it might be better to get the chemical, because it
takes so many moths to collect even 1 g of moth balls.   ; )

Naphthol / Naphthalene are the typical agents.
All joking aside, it's prabably much cheaper if you can
find it in a store as moth balls.  Also, if you use polystyrene
worm boxes, you may want to keep the moth balls in
a polypropylene tube or on a piece of plastic wrap to keep
it from messing up the polystyrene.

Andy Papp
tritech_research at LAMG.COM

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