antidote against mites

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Tue Sep 2 09:28:46 EST 1997

Re:	Antidote against mites

We have found naphthalene, as supplied commercially in modern
mothballs, to be relatively ineffective in controlling mites.  It used
to be possible to obtain moth crystals consisting of
paradichlorobenzene, which were more effective (see Sam Ward's
original note in 1980, WBG 5.1: 7), but these are no longer available,
at least in England.  A more effective means of control is anti-mite
paper, which was suggested to us by Laura Wilson Berry (thank you,
Laura).  In 1996, this was obtainable in the USA from Carolina
Biological Supply Company (catalogue # F6-17-3115) at $2.45 per roll.
Placing a sheet of this at the bottom of each box used for worm plates
works very well, and seems to provide long-term protection.  The only
drawback is that the paper is decorated with a variety of hideous
patterns.  Several workers here suspect that the ugliness of these
patterns helps to repel the mites.

Jonathan Hodgkin, Patty Kuwabara & colleagues
MRC-LMB, Cambridge, England

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