Chitin in nematode eggshells

Rudi Segers rudi.segers at
Thu Sep 4 11:37:48 EST 1997

Chitin is a structural component of the eggshells of plantparasitic and other nematodes. 
As we are working with chitinolytic enzymes from nematode-attacking fungi that 
parasitize nematode eggs, we have an obvious interest in the chitin content of those 
eggs. Chitin can occur in several polymorphic forms, i.e. the tightly compacted 
alpha-chitin, a looser beta form and an intermediate gamma form. These forms differ in 
hardness and have different biological functions. The question is: in which form does 
chitin occur in nematode eggshells, or is this issue as yet unresolved? 

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