ACEDB data updates WS3.4-18 and 4-19

Erich Schwarz schwarz at
Fri Sep 5 12:02:34 EST 1997

Richard Durbin <rd at> wrote:

> New ACEDB data release WG3.4-3 and WS3.4-18 and 19 for C. elegans 
> [procedure for installing, etc.]

    I've tried installing this at cubsps, and it not only did not
work, but left us unable to run acedb.  Not good.  UNIX jocks should
feel free to go ahead and try it anyway; mere mortals like myself
might want to wait a few days until it's established why my following
the procedure keystroke-by-keystroke nixed our program.

    If it turns out that this was due to my somehow committing some
amazing computational _faux pas_, I'll be happy to recant this post;
but until then, you have been warned...

--Erich Schwarz, Chalfie Lab
  schwarz at

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