ACEDB data updates WS3.4-18 and 4-19

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I also had a disaster trying this from a solartis machine.  Somehow every
directory in Home got remove.  I sunix consultant found the files running
some progam that found them in the LOST + FOUND.  The only thing we can
figure out is that somehow the home directory got rewritten.  Fortunately,
we got ours working again.


€Richard Durbin <rd at> wrote:
€> New ACEDB data release WG3.4-3 and WS3.4-18 and 19 for C. elegans 
€> [procedure for installing, etc.]
€    I've tried installing this at cubsps, and it not only did not
€work, but left us unable to run acedb.  Not good.  UNIX jocks should
€feel free to go ahead and try it anyway; mere mortals like myself
€might want to wait a few days until it's established why my following
€the procedure keystroke-by-keystroke nixed our program.
€    If it turns out that this was due to my somehow committing some
€amazing computational _faux pas_, I'll be happy to recant this post;
€but until then, you have been warned...
€--Erich Schwarz, Chalfie Lab
€  schwarz at

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