ACEDB data updates WS3.4-18 and 4-19

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Sun Sep 7 11:55:58 EST 1997

Hi Paul,

I am Keith Brown, a graduate student in the Sternberg lab at Caltech.  We
also have 4.5 running on a Solaris with 19.  I have noted some weirdness as
well now.  I am going to reinstall the whole thing from scratch.  I will
let you know how it comes out.

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In article <Pine.A41.3.96.970906102928.100108A-100000 at>,
Paul Muhlrad <pmuhlrad at U.Arizona.EDU> wrote:

€I updated and installed the WS3.4-18 and 4-19 database updates on our Sun
€(running the Solaris AceDB 4.5), and have run into some problems.  When I
€click on the left end of LGI to display the physical map only a single
€cosmid is displayed (ZL35).  If I click farther to the right on LGI to
€pull up the physical map, the default is set to a zoom level of zero (i.e.
€the whole chromosome is displayed, with all the cosmids on top of one
€another.  Is there a problem with the update, or did my installation
€somehow fail?  Thanks.
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