ACEDB data updates WS3.4-18 and 4-19

Erich Schwarz schwarz at
Mon Sep 8 16:43:29 EST 1997

Jim Kramer <jkramer at> wrote:

> I loaded the new acedb version and updates for Solaris on a Sparc2
> without a hitch.

     The installation here isn't complete, and so I'll wait to give
technical details until I *know* them all; but I can say now that
one point is that the new acedb program, unlike earlier versions,
cannot be run on our older SunOS system in the way that we were
able to run pre-Sept.-'97 acedb.  Richard Durbin directed me to
a version compiled for older SunOS which has -- so far -- worked
pretty well, but problems on our current machine are making it 
impossible to finish the update, so I can't yet say what things
like clone or genetic maps will look like under the new system.

--Erich Schwarz
  schwarz at

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