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Wed Sep 10 17:32:16 EST 1997

A primer in the outron (sequence remove by trans-splicing) cannot detect the
trans-spliced RNA, since it is removed by the trans-splicing mechanism.
However, there is precursor RNA that has not been trans-spliced that can be
detected.  Detection may be difficult if the RNA you are looking at is of low

wilson wrote:

> Thank you very much Jim, but I wonder how this is possible. Did you
> detect trans-spliced and non-spliced gene products? I gather some genes
> may, or may not be trans-spliced, but i think just a small proportion of
> genes in C. elegans behave this way. Maybe it could just have been the
> case with your rol-6 gene? What if all mRNAs are trans-spliced? Any
> ideas? Maybe working from the genomic DNA?
> Thanx
> Jim Kramer wrote:
> >
> > We determined the transcription start point for the tans-spliced rol-6
> > cuticle collagen gene by primer extension with a primer upstream of the
> > splice acceptor site.
> >
> > wilson wrote:
> >
> > > Hello netters,
> > > I got a burning question here for suggestions. Has any work been done on
> > > the determination of transcription start point of trans-spliced gene in
> > > C. elegans or any other organism whatsoever? If not, what available
> > > methods can possibly be used to overcome this?
> > > Thanx!!!
> > >
> > > Wilson
> >

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