Worms in Class

Mon Sep 22 13:47:22 EST 1997

I have Jim Lissemore's list but thought I might also ask a question 
on this net.  I have contacted all people who said they teach a 
developmental biology course but wanted to ask the net in general, do 
you have any little pet projects that I might try in my developmental 
biology course using the worm?  One group suggested that I get eggs 
and watch them develop under Nomarski (?) optics which, I must admit, 
is exciting.  But I do not have that kind of a scope although I do 
have limited access to one in the medical center here.  But that is 
for me to use with my work and not for a class.

Would appreciate any ideas you might have.


Tim S.

Timothy A. Stabler, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
Indiana University Northwest
Gary, IN 46408

FAX: (219)980-7125

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