GFP Symposium News Flash

Daniel Gonzalez meton at
Tue Sep 30 22:31:23 EST 1997

 For all those who did not get their poster abstracts in on time, we have
 extended the deadline to October 10th.  A few people have requested this
 and we feel it may be possible to do this.  Over 300 people from all over
 the world are now attending the meeting and we are still taking
 registrations, up until the start of the meeting.  If anyone registering
 has any trouble being confirmed please contact Keith Wilson at
 908-932-9271, to see if he has your registration.  He will also be able to
 take your information and get you set up.  Also, the phone number to the
 Hyatt in New Brunswick (where the symposium is being held Oct. 18-22) is

 If you have any questions on our abstract requirements for posters or any
 aspect of our symposium please visit the Web site I have set up, which has
 a calender of events, list of speakers, links to abstract guidelines,
 companies coming to the meeting and registration information, as well as
 addresses to contact us at. It is found at;

You can also contact us;
Bill Ward (crebb at 908-932-9071 ext. 216 or,
Daniel Gonzalez (meton at 908-932-9071 ext. 219
if you have any specific concerns.

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