I am an artist living in Paris and my present project...

ysan ysan at club-internet.fr
Mon Apr 6 09:18:24 EST 1998

With great interest I saw a video of the documentation "Death by
Destiny", about programmed cells death .I was particularly fascinated by
the part in which they
presented a worm that serves as a model to study programmed cell death
in a
living subject. By profession I am an artist living in Paris and my
present project is the incorporation of the concept of apoptosis into
art as one of the principles of life .I am very
interested to learn more about C.Elegans.Therefore if I may I would like
ask you for some references that describe this principle in terms that
readable for the interested layperson. Where can I find high resolution
pictures of C.Elegans showing evolution from zygote till the "end"?
	Thank you very much in advance.

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