stereomicroscope bases/mirrors

E. Jane Albert Hubbard jah12 at
Tue Apr 7 06:34:11 EST 1998

Dear fellow worm-pickers,

For your info -  different ways to see a worm...

I am currently using a new stereomicroscope base from Zeiss that is
ergonomically excellent (low height, sloped sides) and has a tilting
mirror (I have heard that Diagnostics is coming out with something

In addition, the specific one I am using has an interchangeable mirror -
either flat or concave (there are advantages and disadvantages to each
mirror depending on what you are scoring). For those of you may have been
accustomed to the optics from a concave mirror with the old Diagnostics
base (as was I) and found that their concave mirror was no longer
available, this set-up gives very similar optics. You can send inquiries
directly to your Zeiss rep or to Chris Souwand (the production manager for
this base) at csouwand at Or you can e-mail me with any specific
worm-view- related questions.


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