Faculty position in Sweden

Simon Tuck Simon.Tuck at ucmp.umu.se
Wed Apr 8 12:44:21 EST 1998

The following advertisment, which is about to appear in Nature, may be
of interest to C. elegans biologists presently seeking a faculty

"The Developmental Biology Program of the Swedish Foundation for
Strategic Research seeks to appoint 2 senior scientists (group leaders)
in the area of non-mammalian Developmental Biology.  All areas of
research of non-mammalian Developmental Biology will be considered (e.g.
zebrafish, chick, Xenopus, Drosophila, C. elegans).  The successful
candidates will each be given 1.6 million SEK/year for five years.  This
amount is sufficient to enable him/her to form a  group consisting of,
for example, a postdoc, a PhD student and a technician.  Starting salary
will be commensurate with experience.  The successful candidates will be
able to choose to work within the University in Sweden that best suits
the candidate's research interests.  They will also be encouraged to
apply for grants from all Swedish Grant Foundations.  Candidates should
have a PhD and/or MD degree, at least two years of postdoctoral
experience and a proven record of high quality research.  Candidates are
expected to develop strong, independent research programs.

Applications, containing a curriculum vitae, statement of research
interests, copies of relevent publications, and three recommendation
letters (or names and addresses of referees) should be sent to Dr. Urban
Lendahl at the address below not later than April 15th.

Urban Lendahl
CMB, Utvecklingsbiologi, Karolinska Institut, S-171 77 Stockholm,
Sweden.  Tel. +46 8 7287323.  Fax. +46 8 348135."

I would be happy to give information to those interested about what it
is like to be a worm biologist in Sweden.

Simon Tuck

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