Research Assistant Position Available

Anne Villeneuve villen at
Mon Apr 27 09:01:52 EST 1998

Research Assistant Position Available

A research Assistant position is currently available in my laboratory in
the Department of Developmental Biology, Stanford University School of
Medicine.  Our research focuses on the genetics, molecular biology, and
cell biology of chromosome pairing, recombination, and segregation during
meiosis, using the nematode C. elegans. as an experimental organism   The
research involves a variety of procedures including:  PCR amplification,
DNA sequencing, isolation and blot analysis of RNA and DNA, preparation of
YAC and cosmid DNA, plasmid subcloning, genetic analysis, generation of
transgenic nematode strains, cytological analysis, in situ hybridization,
immunostaining.  The specific research project will depend on skills and
experience of the candidate hired.  Duties also include responsibility for
overseeing frozen strain collection, and general laboratory organization.
Requires B.S./B.A. degree in applicable science field, with a strong
academic record.  One year prior experience in either molecular biology or
C. elegans genetics preferred; microscopy experience a plus.  Excellent
organizational and record-keeping skills, ability to work independently and
troubleshoot.  We are seeking an energetic and highly motivated individual
who is excited about science.

Anne Villeneuve


Anne M. Villeneuve
Department of Developmental Biology
Stanford University School of Medicine
279 Campus Drive
Beckman Center, B300
Stanford, CA 94305-5329
tel: 650-725-5505
fax: 650-725-7739
villen at

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