fluorescence stereo microscope

Gert Jansen gjans at nki.nl
Wed Jul 22 08:45:39 EST 1998

Dear worm breeders,

Some time ago I asked for advice on stereomicroscopes with a fluorescence
application to look at GFP expressing worms. Thanks for the reactions.

In summary: people were very enthousiastic about the Kramer setup, on a
Leica microscope. This used to be better than the Leica fluorescence
setup. Leica has come with a new microscope which seems to be even better.
We tested this microscope and it really did everything we expected.

We also tried a new fluorescence setup from Zeiss, but probably due to the
filter combination we were not able to see any green worms. They will soon
have new filter sets, see how that works. Other tested the Zeiss setup and
were quite pleased with it .

There also seems to be a Nikon microscope that does the job. We did not
test it, but you might want to try it.

Thanks again

Gert Jansen

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